Spread the Word

Helping you get clients is our primary goal. Below, we've laid out promotion tips and tools we provide to help you get the most out of String.

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Social Promotions

Over the coming weeks, String will begin promoting individual Experts on the @stringmsg Instagram.

Help spread the word and re-gram posts using the free RePost app (download for iOS) - also share on Facebook to cast a wide net.

Promote your Profile
Update your Instagram bio with your personalized url to promote your profile on String! Mention @stringmsg to drive new users to action. Haven't received your url, let us know at support@string.me 


Personalized Email Promotions

Custom email campaigns to your network are a great way to secure new clients.

Being your business development partner is one of the valuable services we provide. Our world-class design team creates polished and personalized email campaigns to let your network know they can find you on String - making it easy for you to get the word out.

Please get in touch with us to set up custom campaigns - running promotions around specific events is ideal, we welcome your ideas. We'll do all the work and send on your behalf.


Recommending Places in Chat

Inserting places into chats creates an index for your clients. When you recommend a place, String puts a link back to that chat thread on the venue page. This enables your clients to reference what you mentioned about a place.

This valuable feature can also help re-engage former clients. When Plans expire, clients still see the links to the chats, but they will not be able to chat with you again until they book a new Plan.