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I'm a student of the Institute of Culinary Education and a senior writer for, where we focus on the best Asian chefs, restaurants and dishes in NYC. Here is a taste (no pun intended) of the sorts of "best of" lists I have personally cultivated over time: Bibimbop (both in Queens and Manhattan), Vegetarian Ramen (hard to find, but it exists), Masala Chat (say a prayer for this one), and Bun Cha (tucked into a corner on Mott St.). If you love Asian flavors and want to head to the best spot right away, I've got some great personal recommendations in all boroughs at all price points. My favorite spot for truly fresh seasonal Korean food is Hangawi.

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I have spent the last 6 years as a private party promoter in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In that position, I have cultivated relationships with the vast majority of exclusive venues on both cities. This means that getting access to the best nightlife is as easy as texting me. Need to get a large group in at a private table at the last minute? It's not a problem. I'll take the hassle and headache out of planning a memorable night on the town.  I'll get you in and make sure you're treated like royalty. 

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As a concierge for a boutique hotel group based in Brussels, I've got recommendations for restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, and activities for some of Europe's most popular destinations including London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Madrid, and Amsterdam. My lists get updated constantly, so everything is fresh, and I focus on sophisticated travelers looking for unique dining, drinking and nightlife experiences. As a hospitality insider, I know of places before they get noticed on travel sites or publications, and have tips for each of those. If you are dining at the Gauthier Soho, request the off-menu seasonal appetizer that is usually made only in small batches.