the Basics


Getting Started

The opportunity to start monetizing requests for local recommendations, a tough table reservation, or access past the velvet rope is approaching!

We want to ensure you’re ready for launch and up-to-speed on the latest features to deliver the best experience for your clients. Practice with us anytime.

Making Recommendations
When in a chat with one of your clients, use the ‘(+)’ button to see places they may have on their Hit List and Favorites. Knowing where your clients want to go and what they like makes it easier to service them well. Make sure to use String’s smart search in chats or the recommend button on a venue details screen so the database learns from what you recommend.

Power Suggestions | Favorites & Hit List
Add places to Favorites or Hist List on the venue details screen. String uses these lists to suggest places in chats - making it easier to remember and recommend the places you love. 

Next Steps

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Create Your Service Plans

Create multiple service plans to offer to your clients. You can create either recurring subscriptions - which are most appropriate for locals, or you can create one-time packages - targeted at travelers to your cities. You define the plans, you set the pricing - we’re here to help.

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As we work through our public beta, we'll be launching in-app marketing and sending weekly promotions and emails to users recommending experts based on where they are exploring. We’re open to recommendations for cities in these weekly promotions - let us know if you’d like to be featured!

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Keep the App Updated
Make sure you're always on the latest version. You can set the App Store to do this automatically. We'll update you via email on new features in each version. 

Comments? Feedback?
We want to hear from you. As you use the app, send comments or feedback to 

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