String is the first local discovery platform to integrate artificial intelligence and messaging - it works stand-alone and as an iMessage App.

Who you know, what they recommend, and your chats power the AI technology, so connect your address book to String to see this in action. The more you use it, the smarter it gets...

String is designed for people like you who want to know the latest and greatest inside scoop - not what the “crowd” thinks. String helps you easily discover those places your friends have been and you will love...



Explore suggestions for where to eat, drink, sleep and play around the world then message with friends for personalized recommendations and insider tips. 


Chat & Suggestion Tray

Chat with friends and get personalized suggestions from Strings AI.

Tap the "+" button next to the text box to see the AI Smart Messaging suggestions. Change the filter on the fly inside the chats.

Tap suggested places to add them to the chat. Swipe left to skip a suggested place or swipe right to include that place directly in the chat. 

AI suggestions get smarter as you use the app and are different based on who is part of that particular chat.



Get the details you need for the places you want to go! 

String makes booking a reservation easy by showing you the available times through different reservation platforms all in one place.

Tap on the chat bubble in the lower right corner to start a chat about the place.

Never again forget a place you love or want to try. Tap on the heart (Favorite) or flag icon (Hit List) to add them to your Lists. 

String - Lists Detail.png


Customize and organize lists of places all over the world. The map view is useful when pinpointing specific cities or streets. 

The places you save to your Favorites and Hit List show up more often in the AI suggestions.


Become a String Expert

String enables local hospitality experts to monetize their expertise, find new clients, and more seamlessly communicate with via smart messaging. Make money doing the things you do already.