Hello, Experts!

I. Welcome Kit

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Your Best Foot Forward

Your Profile is your primary marketing tool and place to shine. From the profile tab, you can update your profile image and bio. The more polished this is, the more subscribers you’ll get. If you want to change your background image, cities or specialities, simply let us know in the form below and we’ll do it for you.

Create Your Plans

Create multiple service plans for your clients: Recurring subscriptions - most appropriate for locals or One-time packages - best for travelers to your cities. You define the plans, you set the pricing. We're here to help.

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Spread the Word

Let your network know you're on String! Use this share text:

Join me on String to live and travel as an Insider | As your Personal Concierge, I'll introduce you to the best of [list your cities here] and provide you with access, recommendations, reservations, nightlife and more [customize to reflect your services].
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II. Onboarding

An introduction to String

Tips & Tricks to jumpstart your Clientele in String

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An overview of Client Service from purchase to fulfillment

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Learn how to easily make recommendations by adding places in Chats

Secure new clients by promoting on social and to your network


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