About String Experiences

Your phone on Friday night: 

Where should we go tonight?

How do I get into this club? 

I want to do something special for my girlfriend's birthday. What should I do to impress her? 

You're the person who always gets these texts. You're a local tastemaker—a travel writer, trip planner, foodstagramer, nightlife aficionado, the planner and the connector among your friends—a String Expert. Now, you can monetize your local influence by creating experiences defined by your local expertise on String. 

What is String?

Well, first download String to familiarize yourself with the app.

On String, everything starts with trust. String brings together the people, publications and professionals you trust, so you can discover places to eat and things to experience via your trusted network. String powers recommendations by who you know, what they like and where they’ve been. The app hosts the String Experts (potentially you) who provide bespoke experiences. 

What are String Experiences?

A String Experience is a bespoke way to experience a locale beyond the tourist traps. They're provided by String Experts who know their city better than anyone and want to share their insider knowledge. String Experiences range from a 10 Michelin Star dining tour in England to tickets and a night out at Saturday Night Live. 

What does it mean to be a String Expert?

To be a String Expert is to be the best at what you do—whether that's a knowledge of wine bars in Paris or domination of Miami clubs. We expect you to provide exquisite customer service, meaning:

  • You're experienced with luxury service

  • You're discrete

  • You're accommodating

  • You’re a local expert who can pull strings for clients

  • You're proficient with String’s features

How do I get clients on String?

We'll market you. We'll promote your services via email to your list, our users and other Experts' lists. We'll also run paid and organic social marketing and app campaigns featuring you.

You'll engage with users and share your taste on String. You'll also help spread the word about your services.

What does String cost me?

No upfront costs. String makes money when you make money. For all experiences under $2,500, String keeps 20% of the net. For over $2,500, 10% net. All is net of credit card processing fees.

Okay, why should I bring bring my business to String?

You'll build your personal brand by joining a global community of likeminded food, travel and experience seekers. You'll also have the opportunity to creatively monetize your local expertise by selling your experiences. 

Also, if you're a professional concierge and you bring your existing clients to String, we'll waive our commission. 

We process credit cards and fees and then pay you!

We collect credit card information for customers who want to keep your service active. We assume responsibility for collecting payment information and all fees associated with credit card processing. And at the end of each payment period, we send you an electronic payment for your share. 

Unanswered Questions?

Contact us at experts@string.me.

Wow, String is so cool. So how do I turn my local expertise into a String Experience?