New Client Notification

When a new client signs up, you'll be notified of their purchase (1) in String (2) via SMS and (3) via email.

String sends the Client an in-app confirmation message of their purchase - which displays as the first message in your shared Chat. Then, they're able to Chat with you directly. 

You can view all of your Notifications via the bell icon in the top left of your Profile.


Exclusive Access Plans

Access Plans are locked so you can maintain a selective, exclusive clientele. Hospitality owners will love you and give you more access when you send them great customers. For a new client to sign up to a locked Access plan, an access code is required. When you or one of your current or prior clients share your Expert Profile, the share message will include an access code.


Recommendations via Explore in Chat

We've made it easy for you to make suggestions directly in a Chat - the new functionality mirrors Explore.

In a Chat, launch the Explore feature by tapping the search icon in the bottom left, then select multiple places you recommend, add a caption (optional) and send.


Ending a Client Engagement

When a client's Experience (non-subscription, one-time plan) has been fulfilled, you should end the engagement from the Chat Details screen. Your client will receive a system message that you've ended the engagement - they will no longer be able to chat with you directly.

This will happen automatically for subscriptions, no need to do anything.

If you send a former client a new message, the chat will be reopened, and they can chat with you until you End Client Chat again. Use this feature to stay connected to former clients, and encourage them to re-engage. Also, use this feature with friends who you do not want to charge by starting a new chat with them.


Payments for Plans

We've got this covered for you! The String platform is built to accept either recurring subscriptions or one-time payments through Apple Pay or credit cards. When a plan is purchased by your Client, their credit card is billed. We will remit payments to you less our commission. Subscribers are automatically re-billed monthly. We handle any disputes or refund requests, which we will manage with you. We will furnish you with monthly reports. An online portal to retrieve your tax and bank info and set up and view your account status will be available shortly.